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Upcoming Workshops 

I offer classes designed to support people coming into their personal power and authority, connecting with the natural world, building psychic awareness and potency, exploring ancestral pathways, fighting systems of oppression and developing resiliency to live in today’s world.

My teaching style is heartfelt, relaxed, enthusiastic, funny, and straightforward. I believe in learning through embodied experience, as this is how we re-pattern ourselves–particularly as magical practitioners. I often share my own lived experiences as examples of the magical workings we explore in classes.



Struggle with maintaining boundaries? Bombarded by other people’s emotions? Get tools for dealing with overwhelm + anxiety, messy relationships + oppression.

JanUARY 2019

This 5 week series will guide us through the elements of invocation. If you are new to European-based magic or looking to deepen your practice, this class will support you.

herbal magic series

Learn about the basics of herbal magic and energetic herbalism. We will work with herbs in several forms and create botanical offerings.


Prayer Flags

These handcrafted prayer flags illustrate images of herbal allies along with their messages of wisdom. Each of these messages comes from my relationship with these plants. Original illustrations, they are hand printed by silkscreen on cotton fabric with poly cord. A great gift that comes in two sizes, these flags are perfect for decorating your home or garden. Wholesale pricing available.


Herbal Consulations

My goal is to encourage and support you through manageable steps to improve your health and life overall. I treat physical, emotional and spiritual conditions. I practice herbalism that is grounded in energetics. I believe that all physical conditions are rooted in the spiritual experience. In order to fully address physical ailments, you must engage the spirit and allow issues to resolve on multiples levels.


Magical Support and Coaching

This is a blend of personal coaching, divination, and counseling. At times I may give you an energetic practice or embodied exercise to work with. Other times I may give you an herbal formula to help with re-patterning or explore divination with tarot cards. These personalized guidance sessions meet you where you’re at and support you in integrating the lessons presenting themselves in your life.