I live in Eugene, Oregon. I frequently visit Portland and occasionally southern Oregon and would be happy to see clients there. Skype appointments are also available.

Herbal Package: What’s Included?

With your herbal intake, you receive:

  • 2 to 3 hours of focused personal attention

  • 1 to 4 hours of case review, research, peer consultation

  • thoughtful formulation in order to create the formula specific for your mind/body/spirit at this time.

  • an herbal formula that contains several herbs lovingly grown or ethically wildcrafted by me, extracted into alcohol and hand-pressed

  • all calls under 15 minutes are free



Please call 541-913-3300 or

All of my medicinal preparations are either grown and harvested at home, ethically wildcrafted with care, or thoughtfully sourced from local companies. I take care to charge each batch of medicine with prayers for your well-being, health and wholeness.

What Does it Cost?

Intakes are charged at 2 hours and follow-up appointments are charged at 1 hour.  Some intakes will naturally take longer than 2 hours and some follow-ups will take less than 1 hour. Followup calls shorter than 15 minutes are free.

Pricing Structure

$80-40/hour for appointments
+ $30 for 4 oz formula and 1 oz refill bottle (includes shipping)
= Intakes $190-110 (includes hourly rate + formula)***
= Follow-ups $110-70 (includes hourly rate + formula)***
Additional costs: salves, oils, or teas, prescribed on a case-by-case basis.
Once you have determined your payment level on the sliding scale, you’ll continue to pay for appointments at that rate.
Example: adult with steady food service job and no dependents, paying at $50/hr = $130 intake, $80 followups
Example: adult with corporate job and dependents, paying at $80/hr = $190 intake, $110 followups.
See sliding scale guidelines.

The Sliding Scale

So, how much should I pay?

You might pay near the high end of the sliding scale if:

  • you have a job with dependable hours and have no dependents

  • you regularly (once a year or more) pay for airline travel for recreation

  • you pay to eat at restaurants (ie not fast food) regularly (once a month or more)

You might pay near the low end of the sliding scale if:

  • you are currently unemployed

  • you have a job but care for many dependents and doing so is a strain on your budget

  • you are a full-time student

Thanks to Bear at for this helpful sliding scale framework!

**If these rates prevent you from seeing me as a practitioner, please contact me so that we can find another form of energetic exchange.

*** If you are a low-income activist fighting for the earth’s protection or the resilience of Indigenous peoples, I will flexibly work with you on rates. Priority given to Native people and People of the Global Majority/People of Color.

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