I am committed to rediscovering ancestral skills and practices that bring me into deeper alignment with natural rhythms of the earth, cultivating a sense of belonging and rootedness.

Herbalism, magic and “rewilding” are part of weaving this path of discovery and re-enchantment for me. Integrating decolonization and anti-racism work into my practices is another pathway for coming into right relationship.

My herbal training is through the Columbines School of Botanical Studies, where I completed two years of field work and herbal study and I continue apprenticing as a clinical herbalist. Prior to that, I attended the full time program for herbal practitioners at the Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine.

My magical training includes graduating from the Blue Iris Mystery School in 2014, completing four years of study in ritual magic, priest/essing and spellwork, and continuing on with graduate level work. I am currently in my ninth year of dedicated magical study.


I’ve also studied mediation with Resolution Northwest’s year-long volunteer community mediator program. Over the years, I have attended many herbal conferences, communication and process trainings, community gatherings and spiritual circles.

As a jack-of-all-trades, I am skilled in a wide range of arts including reading tarot, facilitating meetings, peer counseling, landscaping, face-painting, mediation, and many design processes, from altar building to ritual planning.

I enjoy being in wild places, tending my thriving home gardens, weaving willow baskets, singing songs, visiting rivers, engaging the artistic process, noticing my inner child, feeling connected to something bigger than me and spending time with my incredibly charming cat familiar.

I currently live in Eugene, Oregon.

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