From Magical Self-Defense Workshop Participants:

This workshop was great. A much-welcome set of practical exercises for setting boundaries and filters when engaging with others. The anti-oppression lens was beautifully woven in. Thank you for offering a container sufficient for me to relax fully into participating, an experience i don’t get nearly as often as I’d like. I feel grateful.
You made working with oppression fun!
They taught the workshop with compassion, finesse, humor, and magical vision. I learned more about navigating my personal power and space in one intense, fun afternoon workshop than in years of solo study!
I felt emotionally held by the facilitators. There was a delicious balance of deep work and humor, personal and systemic, talk and play.
Dusty and Isobel held a powerful container, allowing us to practice magical self-defense in actual circumstances that can allow for true social change.
This is the work that will help us all stick together and be powerful in changing times.
I really appreciated your teaching presence- grounded, knowledgeable, accessible and connected.
This class was a marvelous combination of deep and lighthearted, movement and stillness, building group energy and focusing on internal experience.

From Herbal Magic Series Participants:

You’ve made me much more aware of kinship with plants, and the earth as an active participant in this kinship. Thank you very much and I love the herbal charm!
Dusty’s class was magical! Helped us tap into our own inner magic, while learning about the magical properties of plants.
Beautiful, opening, expressive and educational.
Dusty leads, guides and shares heart, soul and info from a place of such grounded wisdom, integrated knowledge, and humble full presence. Thank you for your kindness and holding the space for plants and people together.
This class was healing in many respects… the feeling of community with beautiful tuned in souls was very powerful for me. The energy of the space is very welcoming and safe. I feel very open to be my full self here. I gained much knowledge and insight that I will carry with me forever. I loved this experience.
This class was exquisite. I felt very connected with my community and my spirit feels nourished and appreciated.
I feel so full of gratitude and blessings, above and beyond anything I could have even expected. I’m so grateful to you for your amazing sharing and generosity.

From A Course in Elemental Magic Participants:

Dusty and Heron are good teachers, who have reminded me of the power of my presence through tools I’ve already had at my ready–but often been too shy to reclaim and make magic. Thanks, friends. Thanks for sharing your magical widom, and for being patient and understanding. Your levity and fierce gentleness are so refreshing.
This class teaches practical elemental magic. It makes magic approachable and fun. With honor, respect, and dorkiness, we were between the worlds and changed all the worlds. I felt connected, accepted and full of life.
Coming into the class I had no experience with magic, so I found that grounding, casting protection circles and singing afforded me clarity. Always anxious and future-tripping, I became conscious of my feelings again. I love and cherish the new tools I have in life.
This class was a great way to integrate spirituality and place-based magic. I learned a lot about this bioregion and my place in it–how I connect with the area and the elements and how they nurture my soul.
You can’t learn this stuff by reading a book or website, you need to experience it with experienced teachers. Dusty and Heron know how to lead ritual and raise energy, plus they are very down-to-earth and approachable, very accepting and compassionate with a great sense of humor and they work well together.
I have done and learned about various aspects of magic on my own before but this class gave me tools and a framework to more fully understand and trust the hows and whys of element-based magic. I enjoyed being able to come together with others to build a communal understanding of practice.
This was a great introduction to elemental magic. I learned so much about each element and how to understand their powers. I’m excited to use these powers and raise energy to aid my life and my community going forward.
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From The Pentacle of Self-Worth Participants:

The Pentacle of Self-worth is a powerful tool for accessing our right-sized self and moving through this world! Dusty is an incredible teacher–offering loving, potent wisdom for all kinds of magical practitioners.
This class offered several amazingly useful tools to practice self worth and core value. I hope to integrate these tools into my daily practice. Thank you!
What amazing tools offered in this class! I’m excited to incorporate the teaching into my practice and can see clearly how I can bring my more full self to the world.
This afternoon came at the perfect time and was the medicine I needed to connect with myself and my self worth and my power. Thank you for holding and guiding us through such a safe space to explore and grow. Thank you!
Dusty’s knowledge and ability to share their resources made the workshop feel safe, accessible, and gave me the space to fully explore the Pentacle of Self-worth, even in such a short time span.