Energetic Herbalism

My goal is to encourage and support you through manageable steps to improve your health and life overall. I treat physical, emotional and spiritual conditions. I practice herbalism that is grounded in energetics. I believe that all physical conditions are rooted in the spiritual experience. In order to fully address physical ailments, you must engage the spirit and allow issues to resolve on multiples levels.

Addressing spiritual and emotional well-being in connection and interplay with the physical allows for healing in the whole person. Individuals do not cause their own illnesses because of their emotions or spiritual dilemmas. However, all humans experience blocks or repeating patterns in our lives that can prevent us from accessing our full health and vitality.

Client Statement

I am open to working with all people of all backgrounds and welcome anyone to contact me for an appointment. I especially welcome to my practice those whom experience some level of socio-political disenfranchisement; specifically People of Color and those who are queer, gender non-conforming, or transgender.

What to expect

When you contact me for an appointment, I like to hear a bit about what inspired you to get in touch, in order to establish whether or not we might be a good fit for working together.



Please call 541-913-3300 or

Herbs have deep conversations with the human body.

We can choose to respond on just the physiological level or listen with our whole beings and consciously integrate the wisdom they offer.

Herbal formulas come in a 4 oz bottle which is intended to last you 6-8 weeks.


Intake Appointments

Whenever possible, I prefer to do intake consultations in person. There can be a certain amount of intimacy inherent in working on the spiritual/emotional level. The purpose of an intake is for me to gain a picture of your life overall so that I can introduce you to the plants who will guide and shape your healing. I play a bit of a matchmaker.

After I’ve reviewed your case and created an herbal formula, I will offer you other suggested herbal applications as necessary, such as teas, salves, oils or sprays. I may also suggest lifestyle changes, such as diet or exercise or techniques, such as breathing or meditation that seem relevant to you if you are open to this. I meet each client where they are at without expectation of what your spiritual or health practices are.

Follow-up Appointments

Follow-up sessions are often over the phone. This is a time to touch base and hear what has shifted and what could still use attention. It’s helpful if you are able to bring your reflections and observations to this session.

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