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Elemental Magic

A Reclaiming Core Class
SATURDAY JAN 6 - FEB 3 2018, 3-9pm


EARTH, AIR, FIRE, WATER, SPIRIT. This 5 week series will guide us through the elements of invocation. If you are new to European-based magic or looking to deepen your practice, this class will support you. We will be working personal and political magic with a social liberation framework and a goal of strengthening our relationship to this bioregion.

Classes will include lecture, energy work, elemental healing, song, spellwork, ritual, embodied exercises, weekly assignments & commitment projects. This course will ground you in the core tools of the witch.



About This Class:

EARTH, AIR, FIRE, WATER, SPIRIT. Each week we connect with a different element, allowing the elemental wheel to guide our work. Our lectures are anchored in the elemental aspect of this bioregion, including plate tectonics and mountain ridge formation, weather systems, fire ecology, watershed dynamics, Indigenous land tending, and bringing it back to your relationship to this bioregion. 

We will practice basic energetic tools for ritual, such as grounding, casting a circle, invoking elements, divination, and building energy as a group. The final class culminates in a dedication ritual, integrating all that we've learned and practiced together during the course.

Songs move our work in each class:

  • Stones are the Bones of the Earth

  • Be Like a Bird

  • I Open Up My Heart to the Fire

  • We are Sweet Water and We are the Seed

  • Circles of the World Go Round

This class is suited to anyone who has a relationship with the living earth, is curious about magic, has been practicing ritual, feels connected to something bigger than themselves, wants to develop a deeper relationship to their inner world. 

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Workshop Fees

Sliding scale cost for this course is $300-120.
Deposit of $40 due by Dec 21st.
Work trade is available. 

Dusty and Heron are good teachers, who have reminded me of the power of my presence through tools I’ve already had at my ready–but often been too shy to reclaim and make magic. Thanks, friends. Thanks for sharing your magical widom, and for being patient and understanding. Your levity and fierce gentleness are so refreshing.


You might pay near the high end of the sliding scale if:

  • you have a job with dependable hours and have no dependents

  • you regularly (once a year or more) pay for airline travel for recreation

  • you pay to eat at restaurants (ie not fast food) regularly (once a month or more)

You might pay near the low end of the sliding scale if:

  • you are currently unemployed

  • you have a job but care for many dependents and doing so is a strain on your budget

  • you are a full-time student

[Thanks to Bear at for this helpful sliding scale framework!]