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Magical Self-Defense

Building Personal Power & Solidarity
PORTLAND: MAY 13, 1-6pm
EUGENE: MAY 27, 1-6pm


Struggle with maintaining boundaries? Bombarded by other people’s emotions? Get tools for dealing with overwhelm + anxiety, messy relationships + oppression. This workshop focuses on Prevention, Protection & Energetic Hygiene. From an anti-oppression framework, we draw from real-life experiences to cultivate a stronger sense of self and solidarity through embodied exercises, activating the voice, and visualization.



In This Class We Cover:

  • breaking out of old patterns of interaction

  • clearing unwanted influences

  • exercising our personal power to establish effective boundaries

  • energetic shields and filters

We believe that learning how to interact intentionally with the visible and invisible influences in the environment surrounding you can make all the difference in how you experience a sense of safety and well-being. Our goal is to support your empowerment with skills that help you stay centered in yourself, clarify what you want, and recognize your allies. We anchor this work firmly as solidarity-building liberation work with the stance of “we have each others’ backs.”


Workshop Fees

Portland: $80 – 40 sliding scale,
Registration required by Friday May 11th
Eugene: $80 – 30 sliding scale,
Registration required by Friday May 25th
Work trade available.


Your facilitators:

dusty bloomingheart
Isobel Charlé herbal magic

Isobel Charlé is a witch, a clown, and a facilitator of theater as a tool for social change.

Dusty Dmitri Bloomingheart is a priest/ess, teacher, and clinical herbalist working at the intersections of magic and liberation.


The Sliding Scale: So, how much should YOU pay?

You might pay near the high end of the sliding scale if:

  • you have a job with dependable hours and have no dependents

  • you regularly (once a year or more) pay for airline travel for recreation

  • you pay to eat at restaurants (ie not fast food) regularly (once a month or more)

You might pay near the low end of the sliding scale if:

  • you are currently unemployed

  • you have a job but care for many dependents and doing so is a strain on your budget

  • you are a full-time student

[Thanks to Bear at for this helpful sliding scale framework!]


They taught the workshop with compassion, finesse, humor, and magical vision. I learned more about navigating my personal power and space in one intense, fun afternoon workshop than in years of solo study!