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Pentacle of Self-Worth

EUGENE: MAY 14, 1-5pm
PORTLAND: MAY 28 1-5pm
PORTLAND: JUNE 24, 1-5pm


Access your inner resource through the intelligence and wisdom of your body , anchor to core self worth, activate magical protection, practice running energy, and gain a magical tool for daily practice!

The stronger, bigger and more aware of our personal power we all are, the better for our world today. The more we can see and support each other in this light, the more powerful our work in the world becomes. Let’s have each other’s backs — the time is now. Stay strong, build resilience, keep thriving.



Class Information

This class is appropriate for beginning to intermediate level practitioners seeking empowerment work and magical skill-building. The Pentacle of Self Worth was developed by Colette Gardiner and is used with permission. This class utilizes practices from Reclaiming witchcraft to offer you tools for your own empowerment.

Class Cost

$60 — 25 sliding scale
Pre-paid registration required.
Limited scholarships and worktrade available.

Questions? location info?


The Sliding Scale: So, how much should YOU pay?

You might pay near the high end of the sliding scale if:

  • you have a job with dependable hours and have no dependents

  • you regularly (once a year or more) pay for airline travel for recreation

  • you pay to eat at restaurants (ie not fast food) regularly (once a month or more)

You might pay near the low end of the sliding scale if:

  • you are currently unemployed

  • you have a job but care for many dependents and doing so is a strain on your budget

  • you are a full-time student

[Thanks to Bear at for this helpful sliding scale framework!]